If you would like to volunteer, please contact us and we will connect you with the right ministry.  



Our food pantry is seeing some of the people we serve come and volunteer with us as well.  

We have a single mom who lost her job after Harvey.  While she was unemployed she needed assistance with food.  She got food pantry assistance for several months.  We helped connect her with some job opportunities.  When she was not interviewing for a job, she started volunteering with us in the food pantry.  She eventually found a job and is now able to provide what her family needs.  


We have another volunteer who first came to us because she was not employed.  After talking with some of our volunteers, she was so moved by God’s love demonstrated through our food pantry that she decided to go back to school to get her degree.  She is a food pantry client, she volunteers at the food pantry, she is raising her kids, and she is a full time college student. She is being faithful in believing that God has good things in store for her and her family.  


We have another food pantry volunteer who is a recovering addict. He is disabled and cannot work.  He is finding that God is not done with him yet.  God is using him in our food pantry to give others hope in Christ.  He is demonstrating that no matter what physical limitations you may have God has something you can do to help others and show God’s love. These are just a few of the multitude of examples of God’s movement through our food pantry.  


      "I became involved in the Trinity Klein Food Pantry at the very beginning of Hurricane Harvey.  There were many needs of the community during this time, and I tried to help where I could.  After the initial help following the hurricane, the church became more involved in continuing to meet the needs of the community in food distribution.  It became more aware to me that the needs of these people were not just short term but that the needs would continue for a long time as recovery from a natural disaster is a slow process.


   The work that the staff and volunteers do has a great impact on the individual lives of our clients, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  For me it has given me a new appreciation for the blessings God has given me and my family and made me more aware of the needs of others."

 In Christ,

Pastor Ralph    


   "I got involved in the Food Pantry because I am always looking for ways to serve that I feel fit with my abilities.  My heart is to serve the community in a hands on, face to face way.  To be able to share the love of Jesus with them with words and actions. 

    I think our work matters most in that we are sharing God’s love with the community.  I am hopeful that as our clients use the food they have received they will remember that love. I also think that the atmosphere of the pantry is one of joy; we all enjoy working together and interacting with the clients.  There is much laughter and the love we have for each other and all who walk in the door permeates the atmosphere.  We have become a family.  I feel that anyone who comes in the door, whether going to the office, pantry, or somewhere else feels the joy of the Lord in that place.



   "I feel like I am being useful and not just wasting my time in a retirement facility. I enjoy coming to work and look forward each time. Since I pass the bread out I am educating them as to what is a wholesome bread and not just eating hamburger buns or wiener buns. I encourage them to take a wholesome bread and at least try it. Usually they are willing to try something different. Each week there seems to be more progress with their selections. It is almost a game to see how many kinds of bread they will take."

Vera L


   "Heroes' Pantry has helped my wife and I for almost a year while I wait for my disability to start. I  got baptized at one of the lunches with my fellow veterans there to witness. We still attend every month if we can.  Heroes’ Pantry is a heaven sent for us!"

Robert, a disabled Veteran from Heroes Pantry