About Us





We believe in demonstrating the love of Christ in our community by serving individuals and families who are in need.   We strive to walk alongside and encourage low income families to improve their lives, and enable them to support themselves and their families by building on their own gifts and resources. 



How we can help:

Financial Assistance

Food Pantry

SNAP Consultation

ESL Classes

Hispanic Fellowship (Sunday mornings)

Household Furniture

Hope Beyond Bridges (homeless)

Heroes’ Pantry (Veterans)

Blessings in a Backpack (Klein ISD children)

Christmas Giving (Joy to the World, Adopt A Family, Springing Hope)


*start up’s for 2019 – Financial Classes, Spanish MOPS, WIC consultations


We have three responses to poverty situations. 


  1. We offer immediate relief (medical emergency, natural disaster, food, rent or utility bills – The Good Samaritan).
  2. Rehabilitation (one on one budgeting, *counseling, praying together, helping them get back to the positive ways prior to the crisis)
  3. Development (work together for change & become closer to a right relationship with God, self, and others; examples *financial classes, job search referrals, *weekly/biweekly meetings, *long term counseling, ESL classes).


*Making plans for these in the near future

Restoring Hope Philosophy 

Poverty is more than a lack of material items.   Poverty from a Biblical perspective is broken relationships with God, with self, with others, and with God’s creation.  God created us to be in communion with Him, to be image bearers of Him, to be in positive relationships with others, and care for, work, and support ourselves & others.  When sin entered this world all these relationships became broken. To better serve the materially poor, we need to understand that we are all broken.  Regardless of our income level, we are broken and in need of Jesus Christ.  Without understanding this we will end up doing more harm than good for the materially poor.  


Romans 3:23-24

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.




Sharing the truth of this verse helps us, the materially poor and the materially non-poor, to work together to live in a positive relationship with God, others, ourselves and creation.